Campaign to Rectify Syrian Refugees' Residency in Urban Areas

Border guard units receiving Syrian refugees - (Archives)
Border guard units receiving Syrian refugees - (Archives)

اضافة اعلان

AMMAN — The Ministry of Interior and United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) is set to launch Sunday a campaign to rectify status of Syrian refugees residing illegally in Jordan's urban areas.

The campaign, scheduled to continue until Sep. 27, 2018, targets Syrians who left refugee camps without a permit before July 1, 2017, and haven't returned since then, in addition to Syrians whom entered the country without registering with the UNHCR.

This grace period granted to illegally residing Syrians is a real opportunity to rectify their resident status in accordance with the Jordanian laws that protect them from prosecution in the future, according to a ministry press statement released today, and called upon illegally residing Syrians to benefit from this period to facilitate their access to services and assistance.

Commenting on this initiative, UNHCR Resident Representative in Jordan, Stefano Severe, said "we have seen throughout the years how refugees living in camps moved into urban areas for various reasons without conforming to the relevant, necessary procedures".

"Moving to urban areas without documents axed their opportunity to benefit from basic needs such as medical care. By rectifying their resident status, Syrian refugees in Jordan will have access to services the UNHCR and its partners offer. In addition, this step will lead to improve their living conditions and to live legally in urban areas," Severe explained.

To achieve the campaign's goals, Syrian refugees are requested to visit the UNHCR offices in the urban areas of Irbid, Amman, or Mafraq, or any of the UNHCR affiliate help desks spread across the country. With services completely free of charge, they can check if they qualify to benefit from the process and update their status. Moreover, UNHCR will provide all necessary information related to its procedures and any further privileges after registering.

After registering with UNHCR, refugees can rectify their resident status and obtain a service card issued by the Interior Ministry and then head for the nearest police station to complete the registration to be granted official resident permit in the country.

Interested individuals can contact UNHCR helpline on (064008000) within the next 4 months to help authorities obtain all necessary information on Syrian refugees eligible to benefit from the campaign's services.