Demand on Poultry Rises, Prices Skyrocket

Poultry on display at a shop in Amman - (Archives)
Poultry on display at a shop in Amman - (Archives)

اضافة اعلان

AMMAN —AlGhad— Demand on chicken in local markets and shops has been on the rise in the days right before Ramadan, causing chicken meat prices to skyrocket between 18 and 42 per cent throughout the various areas of the Kingdom over the past two days.

The supply of chicken and poultry is abundant, according to the union of poultry farmers.

President of the Union confirmed that the rise in prices was not caused by a drop in the supply, but rather by the sudden shoot up of demand on poultry.

On the other hand, Merchants have identified this as a seasonal trend.

Demand on poultry has been known to increase right before Ramadan every year, merchants say.