Health: 24 Odd Things that Happen when You Absolutely Love Running

Jogging and Running - (Expressive)
Jogging and Running - (Expressive)

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Runners do odd things. People who absolutely love running do a lot of odd things and have odd things happen to them.  If you can check most or all of these off, you know you’re a diehard.

1. You don’t blink at a 5 a.m. wake up on long run days.

2. You always keep a pair of running shoes in your car, “just in case.”

3. When other people have big decisions they sleep on it, you run on it.

4. You’ve taken a runcation.

5. You have an action plan in case of dog attack.

6. You never run without TP and there’s a story behind why.

7. Carb loading is your second favorite sport.

8. Any other exercise is considered cross-training.

9. You could stock a second-hand running shoe store singlehandedly.

10. You significant other has made you go for a run when you’re cranky.

11. You have planned running routes of every distance you’ve ever run in every direction from your house.

12. You’ve mastered your running snot rocket.

13. You’ve run in triple digits or negative digits or both.

14. Never mind the duct tape, you’re convinced kinesio tape can fix anything.

15. Your wardrobe is divided between running clothes and “other.”

16. You know exactly what to wear in any possible weather condition.

17. No matter how many pairs of running shoes you have, you always need one more.

18. You’ve used every one of these and then some.

19. Blisters and black toenails are a normal part of your feet.

20. You have favorite races.

21. You have asked a doctor “How long until I can run?”

22. Chafing is your nemesis.

23. Your non-running friends eyes gloss over when you start to tell running stories... and you don’t care.

24. Finally, you know you’re truly diehard if you’ve run until your nipples bled.

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