Mulqi: Tendering Advantage to Jordanian Labour Companies

Mulqi Visiting the Jordanian Businessmen Association - (Petra)
Mulqi Visiting the Jordanian Businessmen Association - (Petra)

AMMAN — Prime Minister, Dr Hani Mulqi, announced  during a visit to the Association of Jordanian Businessmen, Wednesday evening, that companies employing Jordanian labour will be given advantage over foreign-labour companies in public sector tenders, to advance national labour company competitiveness. The meeting was attended by a number of ministers, including Deputy Premier, officials, and members of the Association.

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During the meet, Dr Mulqi, uncovered the government’s intention to invite 50 to 60 of the world largest companies and corporations, businessmen, and Jordanian expatriates, in August, to review projects proposed at the Davos economic forum.