Survey: 54% of Syrian Refugees Aged 18-24 May Not Return to Live in Syria

Dozens of Syrian refugees making it accross teh Jordanian borders up North - (AlGhad/Mohammad Abu Ghoush)
Dozens of Syrian refugees making it accross teh Jordanian borders up North - (AlGhad/Mohammad Abu Ghoush)

اضافة اعلان

AMMAN —AlGhad— A complementary survey, conducted by the Voice of Young Syrian Refugees group, part of the 2017 Arab Youth Opinion survey, indicates than more than half of the Syrian Refugees in Jordan and Lebanon between 18 and 24 years old, think they will probably never return to settle in Syria.

The surveyed sample covered 400 direct applicants, at a 1:1 male to female ratio, of refugees currently residing in camps.

Out of the total, 47 per cent of the applicants said if the war ends, they may actually return, and 25 per cent prioritised ISIS defeat.

No more than 8 per cent prioritised better economic conditions, while only 7 per cent had prioritised Assad’s ousting.

Meanwhile, 42 per cent of the surveyed sample said they might end up going back to Syria, as opposed to 4 per cent of them, unsure of whether or not they will return.

According to the World Bank, the civil war in Syria, ongoing for 6 years now, has cost the country more than USD226 billion, and killed at least 320 thousand Syrians.

So far, at least 6 million Syrians are displaced inside Syria and more than 5 million are registered as refugees beyond, mostly in camps in Jordan, Lebanon, Turkey, and Iraq.

Most of the youth do not priorities Assad’s ousting, and do not see that his departure from office as a prerequisite for peace.

The survey shows 71 per cent have answered the war’s end is far more important than Assad’s removal from office, as opposed to 27 who see it as crucial to the end of the war.

Around 27 per cent of the applicants cited Canada as their top destination for migration. The US scored 23 per cent, followed by the UAE, at 22 per cent, as well as France and the UK, at 14 and 13 per cent, respectively.