A State of ‘Diplomatic Emergency’!


It is most critical that we do not wait for the Arab Summit in March to make our statement against any US decision to move the Embassy to Jerusalem; there are no guarantees that the decision wait until then, and we should be on our feet prepping to stand up for such a grave move!


Feeling the pace of Trump’s new team, Jordan is now sure that the decision is no longer a ‘possibility’ but a certainty, and the President’s crew has no intention to manoeuvre it; they may as well seek its implementation sooner than later. It is obvious too that Jordan’s warnings on the catastrophic consequences of this move, regionally, were not heard.


So, what do we do?


American parties are head over heels trying to find a way out of this tragic escalation. The US Department of State is preparing a variety of alternatives and solutions, like moving the embassy to west Jerusalem, or developing the office there to become part of the Embassy and dividing working days between Tel Aviv and the proposed office.


That said, none of those options are convincing to us, Arabs; that is to begin with, and there is no reason to believe the new president will even begin to consider any of them!


Given the factors and conditions, and because Jordan carries a symbolic, political, and moral duty towards Jerusalem, added the standing Arab political vacancy and the weakness of the obvious Palestinian authority, what can be done? What can we do?


Prime among the things we can do, is not to seem surprised; slapped in the face by the announcement of the American decision any time soon. We must not look like we’ve been drooping on our diplomatic responsibilities (which is all we have) or given up on them.


We have to prepare for such a drastic move and be equipped with the means to enlighten the world on the peril it incurs on regional security, notwithstanding its utter contradiction with a bundle of international agreements and UN resolutions.


Therefore, I think we should announce a state of ‘diplomatic emergency’, and begin communicating the perils of this catastrophic decision to Arab, Muslim, as well as European states, to illuminate them on the short and long term dangers of it. Meanwhile, we should put extra diplomatic and media effort to man up for the turbulence ahead.


Drawing attention to the threat by this decision is important. And so is calling upon Arab states to make a diplomatic stand, in the least, to face up to it.


Why? Because this decision is not secluded from the gradual escalation of the total Judaisation process of the city, which will almost certainly entail incursions on Islamic and Christian shrines, prefacing fears that the Israeli right, backed by America’s now elected ‘right’, will take even more dangerous steps, symbolically at least, that may light the whole area up.


In all honestly, Jordan has to declare a state of diplomatic emergency, in order to clear ourselves of the responsibility and the future claims of coming short on our duties against the will of the US administration.


Typically, our problem has always been the weakness of our political-media rhetoric; we saw how most of Jordan’s initiatives to safeguard Islamic sanctities in Jerusalem were misinterpreted and deformed by many. There is no need to go through that.


Nonetheless, it is crucial that we take on our duties, diplomatically and media-wise, to bring all parties to do their part and take political and moral responsibility for their role, so that Jordan is not accused of conspiring against Jerusalem!


This article is an edited translation from the Arabic version, published by AlGhad.


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