Borders Remain Closed, IDPs Need Proper Sheltering, Aid inside Syria: Media Minister

AMMAN —AlGhad— Media Minister and Government Spokesperson Jumana Ghunaimat stated today, Thursday, that Jordan’s borders with Syria remain closed, and the routes opened yesterday have been secured for the delivery of humanitarian aid to the Syrian IDPs near the border.

Meanwhile, the “IDPs need proper sheltering and aid inside Syria,” she explained.

Furthermore, Ghunaimat reiterated, “the decision to shut the border was made to secure the safety of Jordanians and Jordan’s interests.”

“Instead of jeopardising Jordan’s security and interests, proper aid and sheltering must be provided for Syrian IDPs inside Syrian territories.”

Therefore, the United Nation should put more effort into that, Ghunaimat exclaimed, “as opposed to trying to pressure Jordan into opening the border.”

“The UN must not turn their back on their crucial role in Syria and in the effort to deliver a political solution to the crisis as a whole as well as in southern Syria, to put an end to the death and violence”

Jordan will continue its work to deliver aid to the IDPs, as is its humanitarian duty.

But the solution to the crisis is not opening the border, Ghunaimat underlined.

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