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  • »London's finance hub changes tactics in meeting militant threat

    Mon 10 February / Feb 2014. 05:14 PM
    British police announced new tactics to deter militant attacks on London's financial district on Monday, relying on large-scale and unpredictable deployments at key points rather than static "Ring of Steel" checkpoints used in the past.
  • »Australia losing last auto producer Toyota

    Mon 10 February / Feb 2014. 04:50 PM
    Toyota on Monday said it will stop making cars in Australia in less than four years, bringing the country's auto industry shuddering to a halt, despite appeals by Prime Minister Tony Abbott.
  • »Gold rises on growth fears, focus on Fed's Yellen testimony

    Mon 10 February / Feb 2014. 04:49 PM
    Gold rose on Monday after a weak U.S. jobs report last week raised questions over economic recovery, which could potentially slow the pace of the Federal Reserve's stimulus tapering.
  • »Currency black market shows limits of Egypt's recovery

    Tue 4 February / Feb 2014. 03:00 AM
    Egypt's central bank has taken extraordinary steps to prop up its currency and curb a black market in foreign exchange - but in back alleys and money changing shops around the country, illicit dealing continues to thrive.
  • »Amman Bourse nudges higher at open

    Mon 3 February / Feb 2014. 03:00 AM
    Amman Stock Exchange opened trading Sunday with a rise to 2216 points compared to 2206 points of Thursday's session closure.
  • »Stocks may face pain, though buyers remain

    Sun 2 February / Feb 2014. 03:00 AM
    Investors may crave a quiet market this coming week to digest the recent volatility in stocks and rehash Sunday's Super Bowl, but the prospect doesn't look likely.
  • »Big chill gives Dow, S&P worst month since May 2012

    Sun 2 February / Feb 2014. 03:00 AM
    A selloff in emerging markets sent a cold chill down Wall Street, triggering a slide on Friday and making January its worst month since May 2012 after one of its best years in more than a decade.
  • »“Tariqi” Builds Youth Employability in Tourism, Completed

    Thu 1 January / Jan 1970. 03:00 AM
    AMMAN —Al Ghad— Injaz, a civil society NGO in Jordan, finally concluded the “Tariqi” (My Path) programme, launched in April, and designed in partnership with the Prince Charles Foundation, a UK youth employability...
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