Gov't says ambassador to Israel is still in Amman

AMMAN (Petra) – Minister of State for Media Affairs and Communications Mohammad Al Momani on Saturday said that the Jordan ambassador to Israel is still in Amman for consultation.

During a meeting with the political parties’ secretary generals and representatives at the Ministry of Political and Parliamentary Affairs, where minister Khalid Kalaldeh was also present, Momani said that the official Jordanian media did its best for the Palestinian cause, especially in times when Israel is stepping up its aggression against our people in Palestine, Gaza, Jerusalem and other Palestinian territories.

The government spokesman added that the Jordanian official media is dedicated to extensively showing to the world Israeli violations in Jerusalem, Gaza and Palestine, taking up to 70 percent of space in most cases in the news bulletins and programs, in coverage by the Jordan News Agency (Petra) and that on the Jordanian television.

He explained that no country in the world devotes so much attention to the Palestinian issue as Jordan has done, noting that Arab and Islamic countries appreciate Jordan’s role when it comes to the Palestine cause.

Momani noted that the Wadi Araba Peace Treaty between Jordan and Israel frames the bilateral relations, and any decision taken by Jordan is in keeping with the treaty, stressing that the government has a clear line when it comes to dealing with deliberate Israeli escalations.

Referring to the local media, Momani said that Jordan is witnessing a media revolution, and currently there are about 700 radio, television station and news websites, including professional, accurate and honest ones, and others that do exactly the opposite of that, and called for acquiring information from the right place.

As for the Ministry of Interior paying the political parties an amount of JD50,000 annually, the minister said that the payment is not a favor being done by the government, but is the right of the parties under the law, stressing that the new parties’ law, which is currently being reviewed by the Lower House, will make distinctions between the parties, and those found the big, effective and law-abiding party will receive JD50,000 per annum.

Talking about the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL), aka Daash, Momani said that terrorism is a weapon to break up the region and is a lethal cancer. He added, “Jordan doesn’t care about who is behind Daash or supporting it. Jordan’s goal is to stop Daash and the armed terrorist organizations and prevent them from targeting us.” The political parties’ officials praised the Kingdom’s action of calling the Jordanian ambassador to Israel for consultations, and demanded that Jordan must ensure that the Arab and Islamic nations understand their responsibilities regarding what is happening in Jerusalem because the Kingdome cannot shoulder the responsibility alone.

They also called for reconsidering the move to privatize Jordanian companies, find better mechanisms to provide services to the citizens, and improve the conditions of agriculture and industry.

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