“Khawaldeh”: 15 Gov’t Institutions and Departments Dismantled

AMMAN —Al Ghad— The Minister of Public Sector Development, Dr Khleif Khawaldeh, stated to “Al Ghad” yesterday, Saturday, that recent duration say the repeal and dismantlement of 15 governmental institutions and departments, with their capacities reallocated to standing official bodies, and the issuance of 36 service guides to over 2070 services, as well as the execution of more than 141 undeclared official field visits to cite service levels provided.

Moreover, the Ministry held 80 training programmes and workshops, as well as published over 125 technical reports regarding the reconstruction and simplification of operations and procedures, in addition to online linkage and integration, and the development of 9 legislative frameworks in public sector restructuring.

Khawaldeh also pointed out that Sector growth averages in terms of employment size at 0.97 per cent over the years 2013-2015, down from 2.3 per cent in 2009-2011; by 58 per cent decrease, while median growth in salaries settles around roughly 5.2 per cent, down from 8.9 per cent in  2009-2001, that is 42 per cent lower.

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