King to Attend Sun Valley Economic Forum

AMMAN — His Majesty King Abdullah II and Her Majesty Queen Rania will attend the Economic Forum in Sun Valley in the US state of Idaho with the participation of top US and international economic leaders, later this week.

The King’s participation is part of his relentless efforts to highlight the investment opportunities provided by the Jordanian economy to attract foreign capital and create jobs for Jordanians.

The annual forum, which will be attended by US and international political, economic and media leaders, will tackle global political and economic issues and challenges and their repercussions.

King Abdullah, who is keen to attend the gathering for years, will hold meetings on the sidelines of the forum with heads and representatives of a number of major companies in the United States and the world on enhancing cooperation between Jordan and these firms.

The King and the Queen will also join a panel discussion on the situation in the Middle East and its implications on Jordan as well as efforts to reach political solutions to regional crises.


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