King Visits PSD, Checks On Duties, Future Plans

AMMAN — His Majesty King Abdullah II, the Supreme Commander of the Jordan Armed Forces, on Monday, visited the Public Security Department (PSD), where he was briefed by its director, Major General Ahmad Faqeeh, about issues related to tasks and duties of the PSD as well as future plans to develop police performance.

His Majesty voiced appreciation of efforts exerted by PSD members to preserve security in the country, urging a revisit of security plans and strategies to prevent any violations against the law, preserve state prestige and fight crimes and drugs.

Major General Faqeeh reviewed the main points included in the Royal message to develop the PSD and enable it to carry out the duties according to the best standards.

A training strategy which includes all PSD units through King Abdullah II Special Operations Training Centre is underway, said the PSD director.

He also said the traffic strategy will be developed in order to reduce traffic accidents and traffic jams.


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