Saudi Ambassador Thanks King for Amman Summit 2017 Success

AMMAN — Saudi Ambassador to Jordan, Prince Khalid bin Faisal bin Turki Al Saud, thanked His Majesty King Abdullah II, the Jordanian government and people over the success of the Arab summit, which held in Amman last year.

The ambassador stressed, in a press statement on Tuesday, the importance of the upcoming Arab summit, scheduled to start in Riyadh next Sunday in promoting joint Arab action and fighting common challenges.

He pointed out that Saudi Arabia is keen on enhancing solidarity among Arab states to face external interferences, noting that the Riyadh summit is expected to discuss key issues, including the fight against terrorism, the grave situation in Syria, political and security challenges in Iraq, and Iran’s interference in Arab states’ affairs.

The ambassador also underlined the importance of the Arab League’s support of the Saudi-led coalition to restore legitimacy in Yemen.


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