Trump: The American Nero Who Set the World on Fire!

US President Donald Trump is determined to see the world go up in smoke.

He and his Israeli friends are set to alter the status-quo in the occupied city of Jerusalem, which is going to tear the entire peace process to shreds.

Such a step will not only harm the situation west of the Jordan, but will destabilise the entire region, as it takes away whatever hope there is left among its peoples for peace and justice.

Many, wisely enough, have warned repeatedly against stipulating such madness.

Among other things, this is considered a breach of all international covenants and UN charters, as it tears at the heart of the Arab and Muslim worlds’ most central question!

Trump, in the wake of his decision to recognise Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, clearly hold no authority above his own.

In utter contempt and disrespect of the world and international authorities, which recognise Jerusalem as an occupied city, Trump decided to move forward with his senseless adventure.

Sadly, the will of the mighty, the law of the jungle, where the strong prey on the weak, leaves nothing today for the overpowered and disenfranchised of the world. Only their sorrows, pain and desperation, in the face of madness.

Jordan, and Jordanians, are not the only ones opposing Trump’s infuriating decision.

The entire world, from Arabs and Muslims to Europeans and the Pope himself, denounced the pyromaniac’s decision.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to fathom the great perils of such recklessness. It does not end with official denunciations or protests, no. It goes beyond to further agitating an already explosive tinderbox part of the world.

On the other hand, such a step only reinforces the United States’ image as an enemy of the peoples. Those who seek justice and the right to self-determination. It singles out the US as an outright ally and proponent of occupation!

Furthermore, Trump’s decision does not only undermine legislation and covenants, but cracks the door wide open for more radicalisation, the precursor for terrorism.

It tears down everything we have been trying to put together to spread tolerance and de-radicalise our societies.

Notably, the injustices of such that people had to endure so much are what lay foundation for radicalisation and anti-Americanism. Chief of the many injustices there are is the Palestinian Cause, which lies in the centre of the peoples’ interests.

Mindfully, His Majesty King Abdullah has repeatedly warned of the outcomes of any such carelessness. All in His efforts to found for peace and empower the endeavour for solution in Palestine.

Alas, Trump did not listen, or maybe he does not even care to listen!

That said, is the United States now fighting terrorism or knowingly inciting it, creating it, fuelling with such reckless decisions?

How can such a reality be forced in utter disregard of the psychology of the Arab citizen who has always seen the predominance of injustice in Palestine as the status-quo?

Consequentially, it is only natural for extremism to find such safe haven among people who feel helpless and alone, in the face of such calamity!

This is exactly the kind of psychological setting that incubates extremism!

Honestly, this is a harebrained stipulation that only justifies the extremist narrative. It makes such “sound” reasoning to foster hate towards the West.

If Trump thinks he is really looking out for US interests, he is wrong; this hurts not only US alliances in the region, but threatens the safety and security of the whole world.

He has just made an enemy out of every single person who holds the occupied city of Jerusalem dear to their hearts, both religiously and historically!

Undoubtedly, Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem as capital of Israel is no less dangerous than the Balfour Promise, which gave the “right” to establish a state on historic Palestinian turf.

This too will be a pivoting point for the general scene in the region, as some in it view the war against Iran as a priority, leaving Jerusalem and its sanctity out of their equations!

Soon, someone will come about, telling the world that the United States is fostering terrorism, and no one will second-guess them! Trump’s adventures here stand testimony to the claim, as we will soon witness the consequences of this pyromaniac’s urges unfolding before our eyes.

In truth, Trump has left us no defence against terrorists and extremists, now standing tall among our youths who see America, clearly, as an enemy, working against their national and religious aspirations.

Back in 1995, the bill to relocate the US embassy to Jerusalem was passed by Congress. However, no US president, ever, was crazy enough to execute the order, until Trump came along.

Even war-thirsty president George W Bush, who was elected for two consecutive terms, knew what consequences follow such madness. So he left for the next president to address.

Now Trump decides to make it his decision, with a risk beyond fathom, in an attempt —maybe— to be remembered in history as the US President who recognised Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. But it will not be a graceful remembrance, at all!

He will be remembered as the American Nero, who instead of accidentally burnt Rome, knowingly set fire to the entire world, for no valid reason.

This article is an edited translation of the Arabic version, published by AlGhad.

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