Two Syrian makeshift camps cleared out in Amman

By Hamza Da’ana

AMMAN – Two makeshift camps for Syrian refugees in Amman were cleared out on Saturday, according to the Interior Ministry, who sent the 1,406 residents to Raba’a al-Sarhan to be processed for entry into formal camps.

Spokesperson for the Interior Ministry Dr. Ziad al-Zoubi told al-Ghad Online that the decision came as a prelude to moving to the Azraq, Mreijib al-Fhoud, and Zaatari Refugee Camps.

Zoubi said 456 refugees were living in 88 tents in the first camp, and 950 refugees residing in 160 tents were living in the second camp.

Zoubi said legal action will be taken against the Jordanian guarantors of any Syrian who was found in makeshift camps. 


This article is an edited translation from the Arabic edition.

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