UNRWA Staffers Protest New Regulations, Hunger-Strikers on 5th Day

AMMAN —AlGhad— Thousands of UNRWA staffers held a one-hour strike in front of the Agency’s headquarters in Amman today, Wednesday, as seven employees have been on a hunger strike for days, protesting the cuts entailed in the recently issued employee and retiree benefit regulations.

At least one of the protesting staffers on hunger strike have entered their fifth day without food today.

Protestors expressed their rejection of the enacted budget cuts and the underway foreign efforts to “kill” the agency, according to the UNRWA Staff Union.

Around 7,000 UNRWA staffers went on strike today, following a statement by the Union last week.

Among other things, their statement highlighted “their right to” pay raises as well as to an affordable health insurance service, and demanded the retraction of the new policy, which increases health insurance premiums for employees and retirees.

UNRWA’s Administration launched the new healthcare framework for employees and retirees of the Agency, enacted earlier in April, 2018.

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