King Urges Swift Public Sector Reform

His Majesty King Abdullah II chairs meeting on Public Sector Reform - (Petra)
His Majesty King Abdullah II chairs meeting on Public Sector Reform - (Petra)

اضافة اعلان

AMMAN — His Majesty King Abdullah II on Wednesday emphasized the need to speed up public sector reform without any delay, and said the administrative body of the state should come under continuous accountability and measurement of performance.

Chairing a meeting dedicated to follow up on the implementation of government's measures and plans to develop the public sector and complete the e-government program, His Majesty stressed that the government should have clear objectives and measureable outcome and underlined the importance of an all-encompassing and coordinated effort to achieve the set goals.

Prime Minister Hani Mulqi delivered a briefing about the government's measures and plans to improve public sector performance and transition from bureaucracy to more efficient and robust delivery of public service.

The prime minister also highlighted amendments his government has introduced to the civil service system to upgrade government performance and encourage public sector employees through a real performance evaluation.

Mulqi pointed out that the government will launch in the coming months an 18-month leadership training program, in addition to activating the performance monitoring unit in the Prime Ministry.

He said his government will work to attract talent for leadership positions, noting that the government is also carrying out an ambitious program to develop civil service systems by specialists and experts to increase the efficiency of government institutions.

Minister of Information and Communication Technology, and Minister of Public Sector Development Majd Shweikeh, said that the government has worked to build public-private partnerships in the framework of the continued implementation of the e-government program.

She pointed out that about 33 government services were digitized last year, while 158 services will be digitized this year in various ministries and institutions. The government aims to digitize approximately 139 services in 2019 followed by 293 services in 2020.